Rent of SMM panels

Here you can order your own SMM panel and make money on the machine

To order the panel, you need to register and log in

Panel rental

Without discount

2000р per month

Panel rental

Discount on all services 2%

3000р per month

Panel rental

Discount on all services 5%

5000р per month

Panel rental

Discount on all services 10%

9000р per month


Frequently asked questions and answers to them regarding panel rental

You can create your smm-panel for any period.

The panel's provider is the service, that is, you can resell any services at your inflated prices. You will have your own website (analogous to, you can change the design for yourself or order revision from freelancers. You choose the domain for registration yourself or you can bind your domain by pre-registering our dns servers, they are indicated in the order form.

Prices can be set in two ways:

1. Fixed.

example: our price is 100 rubles, you set 150 rubles, it turns out that you earned 50 rubles.

2. Percentage of markup.

example: our price is 100 rubles, you set 50%, it turns out that you earned 50 rubles.

We recommend setting prices as a percentage, thus you do not have to constantly monitor our prices and manually make a fixed markup every time, it will be done automatically even if our price goes up or down.

p.s. all prices are for 1000 pieces.

Yes, you can. Our prices:

Domain registration .RU = 200 rub - BUY

Domain renewal .RU = 500 rub - EXTEND

Domain registration .COM = 1000 rub - BUY

Domain renewal .COM = 1100 rub - EXTEND

Domain registration .NET = 1000 rub - BUY

Domain renewal .NET = 1100 rub - EXTEND

Domain registration .SERVICES = 600 rub - BUY

Domain renewal .SERVICES = 2400 rub - EXTEND

Yes. you can use your domain, the main thing is to change the DNS servers on your domain to:


and enter your domain in the order form.

All orders will be processed automatically through the API, the main thing is to have a positive balance on

No, you don't need to pay for hosting, only for a domain once a year and a panel rental once a month.

You will be able to add your products and services, process them manually and change the order status.

Unfortunately not, you can only resell the services of the provider, but you can add your goods and services and process them manually.

Yes, this can be done, the main thing is to specify the type of currency in the panel order form.

Unlimited quantity. The rental price will not change from the number of orders.

The money replenished by your clients will go to you immediately to the specified details in the settings of your panel.

For 1 month it will be frozen and the site will simply not open, if you do not renew it within a month, then it will be deleted forever without the possibility to restore it.

Any that you set in the settings, there are a huge number of them, for example:

  • Qiwi
  • YooMoney
  • YooKassa
  • Bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, Мир)
  • PayPal
  • Robokassa
  • Free-Kassa
  • Interkassa
  • Payeer
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Enot
  • LiqPay
  • LeviPay
  • Untipay
  • CoinPayments
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • Mycelium Gear

Each payment method has step-by-step instructions.

Yes, for an additional fee, we can help you fully customize and design your panel.

  • We will work on the design so that everything looks beautiful and, most importantly, is adapted for mobile devices.
  • We will completely russify the site.
  • We will do SEO optimization (we will write Page title, Meta-description, Meta-keywords on all pages).
  • We will add an online consultant widget so that your clients can contact you quickly right through the website
  • Let's add additional pages such as "Contacts", "Service rules".
  • We import all our services with your percentage mark-up.
  • And much more...

You just have to connect payment methods and that's it. The prices for additional services can be found here.

Of course you can, you can resell any of our services both manually and automatically, we have an open API, you can easily automate adding orders via Get requests. FAQ - API

Unfortunately, you cannot select a tariff in the order form, we update it manually only later. You need to buy a panel for 2000r and write to us, we will write off the remaining 3000r from your balance and set a permanent 5% discount on all services.

Yes, these discounts are cumulative and you can get a maximum of 20% discount if you spend more than 100,000 rubles in our service with the VIP Reseller status and rent a panel for 9,000 rubles per month.

Additional services

For those who value their time, we have added Additional services and will help you completely customize your panel yourself, you just have to connect the payment methods and that's it.

Design + Russification

Work on the design of the main pages + full russification of the site and all the necessary blocks (top and side menus, home page, instructions, reviews, faq and footer) + setting the font + icons in the menu

3000 rub

SEO optimization

SEO optimization:

  • Page title
  • Meta-description
  • Meta-keywords

we will write on all pages

1500 rub

Online consultant

Adding Jivo Widget (Online Consultant).

1000 rub

Cashback (bonuses)

Adding "Cashback on balance replenishment" and displaying a description of bonuses in the Balance replenishment form. example

1000 rub

Contact page

Adding a separate page "Our contacts". example

Adding a column with contacts on the "Tickets" page. example

500 rub

Service Rules page

Adding and design of the "Service rules" page. example

500 rub

Registration "Order Form"

Adding the block "How to place an order" and "Our contacts" on the page with the order form. seen by authorized example

500 rub

Import of all services

Import of all our services with your% markup, categorized.

1000 rub

Notifications to your email

Setting up notifications to your mail about replenishment of the balance by the client, new order, errors and new message in the ticket

500 rub


All 9 add-ons with a discount of 1500r

+ .RU domain as a gift

8000 rub