Frequently asked questions and answers to them, if you have not found the answer to your question, write to us.

S-SMM.RU is our service that provides a convenient smm panel for the client, in which the client can independently place an order and track the work process.

You only need to go through 3 steps:

1. Register

2. Top up balance

3. Checkout

We have a huge selection of different SMM services for various social networks, the full list can be found on the page "Services and Prices"

The speed of the service depends on many factors, but we have one of the fastest SMM services.

Safe if you do not promote prohibitive goods and services. More details about this can be found in the "Terms of Service" section.

Do not pay attention to these numbers, these are notes with server numbers for our programmers (they use them to quickly find servers and debug software on it).

Write to an online consultant or in telegram they will answer you more quickly.

Contact support, you may be able to cancel the order or correct the link.

Wait, if nothing changes within 3 days from the moment of placing the order, then write to the support service, we will take action. If you ordered an unstable service, you will have to wait a week and then take action, unstable services may freeze, take this into account.

Yes, with us you can simultaneously order an unlimited number of orders for different objects.

Yes, you can freely resell any of our services with your markup manually or via API.

We also give the opportunity to rent a panel from us, you will have a full-fledged website on which your customers will order our services at your extra charge, you will earn money automatically. More information about renting can be found here - SMM panel rental

You can earn with us in 2 ways:

1. Resell any of our services with your markup manually, via API or renting our panel, more about renting.

2. Earn through the referral program. You can attract customers to our site and receive 20% of net profit from their replenishment. The minimum withdrawal amount is from 100 rubles. More about referral

How do I use Bulk order mode?

You can place multiple orders with different links at the same time using the bulk order function.

What is a bulk order for?

The bulk order option is used to save time when you need to place multiple orders.

Write to support (the online consultant will be faster), tell the payment method, amount and your login, we will check the receipts manually and we will credit the money to your balance.

Sometimes there are problems with automatic transfer to Perfect Money, so do not hesitate, write.

Some of our services have this great feature, which means that you can automatically place the same order multiple times. Let's say you want 1000 likes on your Instagram post, but you specifically want 100 likes every hour. In this case, you must indicate the following:

1. Link: link to your post

2. Quantity: 100

3. We put a tick on "Repeat the task" and see additional functions have opened

4. Number of repetitions: 10 (if we want to repeat this order 10 times)

5. Interval (in minutes): 60 (this is the interval between each repetition, if you want every 3 hours then set 180, time is measured in minutes and you can set any value).


1. It is worth looking at the maximum volume of the database beforehand and not ordering more than this volume. For example, if the maximum size of the base of the selected service is 1000, then in our case more than 10 repetitions of 100 likes cannot be done per post.

2. Never set the Interval below the actual start time. (For example, some services require at least 60 minutes to start; therefore, setting an interval of less than 60 minutes for those services will result in the order failing.

Mentions Instagram is a useful and highly accessible tool for leveling your account. We invite you to find out what this feature is.

Mentions are the number of posts that have a user profile tagged. As soon as such a comment appears with a link to the login, the user is notified that he has been mentioned and follows the link. With the help of cheating mentions, you can promote a product or service among existing and potential customers. To mention a person or company, you need to type "@" and the user's Instagram login, or give a link to a hashtag. Increase the number of followers through massive Instagram mentions. Buying a boost of massive Instagram mentions is a powerful marketing tool. With their help, you can unobtrusively remind and inform a large number of users about yourself and your products, and this, in turn, contributes to the growth of the company's rating, attracts the attention of customers and increases the follower base.


API Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The API is used to automatically place orders through your S-SMM account by invoking a simple URL request on our server. This is the most efficient method when you have a lot of orders and you don't want to waste time manually adding and controlling your orders! By integrating the API into your site, you can automatically add orders.

The API documentation can be found here, and the API key will become available immediately after registration.

Important to remember:

1. You are responsible for any orders created through the API. We will not refund for mistakes made by you / your code.

2. You must have sufficient funds to fulfill orders, otherwise the request will show an error.

3. We have the right to disable any API key if we detect unusual activity; including spam on our server or any third party errors.

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