Referral program

We pay 20% Commission

Minimum withdrawal amount from 100 rub.

To receive a referral link, you need to Register

About referral program

Promotion on social networks such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Telegram, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, TikTok, Periscope, SoundCloud, Shazam, Vine, Tumblr, KinoPoisk, Ask, Mixcloud, My World, Dailymotion, Spotify, Quora, Spreaker, Radiojavan, IMDb, Skype, Snapchat, Datpiff, Kiwi, Flipagram, Fyuse, Reverbnation, Anghami, Reddit, Chew, Liveme, Livemixtapes, Houzz, Vudu, RotenTomatoes, Audiomack, parsing services, sales proxies, programs, web traffic, redirects and many other services, you can earn good money by attracting referrals! The attracted referrals are assigned to you forever and your permanent passive income will depend on them!

Payment of partner remuneration

You can withdraw to Qiwi, YooMoney, WebMoney, Phone balance or balance

The scheme of the referral system

You register in the service. Go to the "Referral" section and take your referral link there. Everyone who signs up using your referral link will forever become your referrals and you will always receive a percentage of their balance replenishment in the service. It doesn't matter if they top up the balance now or after a month / year, they will forever remain assigned to you.

Convenient personal partner account

In the "Referral" section, you can track how many clicks were on your referral link, how many referrals have registered, how many have replenished the balance and by what amount, conversion rate, total earnings and how much money you have to pay on your balance.

How to attract referrals for free

There are tons of ways to get referrals for free. The most common:

Friends - We all have friends, relatives and acquaintances who may be interested in promoting their social media pages at a low cost.

Spam - You can send messages to messengers, emails, etc., but it is advisable to use a redirect (shorten the link) to hide the referral link. By the way, we can make redirects to your referral link for you for free (contact technical support and provide them with your referral link). The service does not prohibit spamming, but only not aggressively and send only to those people who, in your opinion, will be interested in the services.

Comments in social networks - Leave your referral link where there is an opportunity to leave a comment, for example, to posts in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. (It will not work to leave Vkontakte, since the site is engaged in promotion in social networks and this link will most likely be immediately blocked and included in the black list of prohibited sites).

Message Boards - You can try posting your ref link on various message boards.

Forums - Come up with and write nice descriptive text, then post it on different forums. Try to compose the text so that it will not be deleted by moderators, and also choose only visited forums and do not waste time on abandoned resources. Popular forums are Antichat, Zismo, Zhuk, Smm-profi, cy-pr, and many others.

Video - Be smart, try to make an interesting video about how you place orders and they are fulfilled or how you make money using the referral program and post this video on YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo,, Odnoklassniki and other video hosting sites. Be sure to include your referral link in the description.

How to attract referrals for a fee

And in conclusion, let's talk about paid ways to recruit referrals. Compared to free methods, paid attraction makes it possible to recruit hundreds or even thousands of people into a project in a short time, without wasting time and effort. So, how can you effectively attract referrals for money?

Advertising - everything is simple here, advertise your referral link on popular sites, forums, social media groups, YouTube channels, and so on.

Buying referrals - you can just buy yourself referrals, for this create a task on a site like, etc. where for a small fee people will register using your referral link. As practice shows, many can abandon the site and no longer go there, let alone place orders, since their main goal is simply to get money for your task “to become a referral”. Try to lure future referrals to stay in the project and work further.

Mailing order (spam) - this can be sending both letters to e-mail and personal messages on social networks.

Happy earnings!