Service rules

Read the rules. In case of violations of these rules, we reserve the right to reset and block your account without a refund or any compensation.

Absolutely forbidden:

1) Use other promotion services at the same time as ours.

2) Simultaneously make several orders of the same type for one link / account / etc., if the previous order was not completed or canceled.

3) Use our service for accounts / videos / etc. with any restrictions (geo, gender, age, etc.)

4) Use our service to promote content that violates the rules of social. network or violates applicable law.

5) Promote closed profiles, groups, inactive links, etc. (first make sure that the link is available to everyone and there are no restrictions and only then place an order)

6) Ignore the "Refund Terms".

7) Order promotion to groups, publics, posts, videos, photos of questionable or prohibited content, for example:

- Sports predictions (bets, scams).

- SMM services for markups and promotions.

- Malicious links, programs and scripts.

- Stores for accounts, databases, documents, etc.

- Services of psychics and fortune-telling.

- Financial pyramids and cashbury.

- Porn, sex, adult goods and services.

- One page questionable sites.

- Alcoholic products and cigarettes.

- Purchase and sale of medicines.

- Anabolic steroids.

- Steel arms.

For violation, we reserve the right to cancel your order without a refund.

General Provisions

The period for which all ordered services will be fully provided is not regulated and depends on the volume of the order.

You cannot withdraw money from the service (with the exception of referral ones); they must be spent in the service.

If you do not want to use the service anymore, and the money is left on the balance, you can donate the account or sell it, you assume all the risks of selling and transferring the account to third parties.

The cost and changes of services on the site may change without notifying users.

Denial of responsibility

All actions on the site you perform at your own peril and risk. You realize that the responsibility for all the consequences lies solely with you. You agree not to make any claims in the event of any unforeseen situations. We do not accept any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental damage, including but not limited to loss of profits, damage from use, damage to reputation, loss of data. We can also unilaterally change these Rules, about which we can warn or not warn you. After replenishing the balance in the service, you guarantee that you will not demand a refund. By using the site, you confirm that you fully and unconditionally accept the rules of the site.

Conditions for refunding funds to the balance

The system provides for a refund to the balance in case of non-fulfillment of the order and if the rules of the service have not been violated.

The lead time for the order may vary, but if the order is frozen for more than 3 days (with the ⛔ icon for more than 7 days), the process does not go on, then you have the right to demand a refund to the balance, if the order has not started, then the entire amount will be returned if the order is completed partially, a recalculation is made and the money is returned for the unfinished order. If in the course of work your content became unavailable (for example, you changed the link address, deleted the content or set privacy), in this case, no refund is made.

Privacy policy

We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fulfill your order. We will not sell or distribute your information to anyone. All information is encrypted and stored on secure servers.